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Ground source heat pump

Renewable energy from the ground

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A geothermal or ground source heat pump can extract heat from the ground in a number of different ways.  Horizontal ground loops consisting of polyethylene pipe installed just over a metre below the surface, for example under a garden can be utilised.  Alternatively closed loop vertical bore holes around 130mm wide can be drilled at depths of up to 150 metres and loops of pipe inserted in each borehole which is then filled and sealed with a thermally enhanced grout.  This is a more expensive method than horizontal ground collectors but boreholes can be installed where ground space is more limited and they can be put under a building.  Most of the energy in the ground comes from solar gain rather than true geothermal energy from the centre of the earth.

The amount of ground collector required varies according to the geology of the area, the heating demands of the property and the size of the ground source heat pump.  Geowarmth undertake these calculations with our in-house software and the latest industry standards.

Heat pumps are not new.  The technology can be traced back to the Cornish inventor Richard Trevithick during the Industrial Revolution at the beginning of the 19th Century.  To find our more about how a heat pump works Geowarmth's guide provides the answer.

Heat pumps are usually installed in a garage or utility room and as well as the heat pump itself the system normally includes a buffer tank and domestic hot water cylinder.  Planning permission is not required for most ground source heat pump installations.

Geowarmth install ground source heat pumps from leading international manufacturers such as Nibe who offer a market leading 7 year warranty.

A ground source heat pump does not produce any carbon dioxide or any other emissions on site.  There is no combustion and no flue.

Cash back payments are available under the Renewable Heat Incentive.  An MCS accredited installer such as Geowarmth must be used to obtain these.

To find out how a ground source heat pump is installed Geowarmth's guide to the installation process will explain all.

Geowarmth have completed hundreds of heat pump installations nationwide and will provide you with friendly advice.  For further information or to obtain a site specific quotation please contact us.

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