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17 May 2024

Green Energy North East

Going green and saving money on energy in the North East

Green energy from Geowarmth was the choice this Tyneside based client made when he made the decision to go green and he is saving money too.

The bungalow in Tyne and Wear was being heated with lpg which was becoming increasingly expensive. Geowarmth reviewed the green energy choices available and the client decided to install a ground source heat pump and photovoltaic solar panels. Unlike a fossil fuel boiler there are no emissions from a ground source heat pump so our client is saving around 3 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

Running cost savings against lpg are now around £2,000 per annum. Some of the electrical energy used to power the heat pump comes from the array of solar PV panels installed on the client’s roof. This provides a further saving by not having to purchase as much electricity when the solar panels are generating. When Feed in Tariff payments are factored in the solar panels are earning and saving a total also around £2,000 per annum.

Going green saves money too as well as being good for the environment. North East based Geowarmth offers a range of green energy solutions. As well as heat pumps and solar PV panels the other main green energy choices are solar thermal panels for hot water and carbon neutral biomass boilers which used pellets, woodchip or logs.

Multiple green renewable technologies can be installed in a property and it is possible to enjoy the benefit of more than one incentive such as both the Renewable Heat Incentive and Feed In Tariff.