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17 May 2024

Ground source heat pump Northumberland

150kW of ground source heat pump provides heating and cooling for academy school in Northumberland

A school in Blyth Northumberland has two reversible Dimplex 75kW heat pumps installed by Geowarmth. These are able to provide either heating or cooling.  

These heat pumps are connected to 40 boreholes drilled in the grounds of the school.  The site is underlain by strata known as Carboniferous Coal Measures.  This is quite common in Nortumberland and other areas of the North East.

Geowarmth undertook a thermal response test on the site to measure the ground’s thermal conductivity.  This information was used to size the boreholes.

The heat pumps are in separate roof top plant rooms serving air handling units providing either heating or cooling.  The heat pumps are switched on by the Building Management System which also signals whether they are to provide heating or cooling.  The heat pumps run at around 40°C in heating mode and around 7°C in cooling mode.