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Air source heat pump Durham

Two air source heat pumps for a County Durham detached house


Air source heat pumps Durham domestic ashp_detached_retrofit_pic1A detached house in Bishop Auckland, County Durham has its heating and hot water provided by two air source heat pumps installed in the garden.  The heat pumps are 10 metres away from the propery and Geowarmth used district heating pipework which runs under the garden to connect the heat pumps to the utility room where the rest of the equipment is installed.  There is a mix of radiators and underfloor heating at this Durham house.  The property has two domestic hot water cylinders; one smaller one the ground floor for the kitchen and utility areas and a larger cylinder in the loft to serve the upstairs bathrooms.  The cylinder in the loft is also connected to solar thermal panels on the roof.  When the temperature in the solar panels is a few degrees above the temperature in the cylinder the solar system automatically switches on to warm the cylinder.  When the free solar heat is in operation the heat pump does not need to be used for domestic hot water production.  

Geowarmth have been particularly busy with renewable heating schemes in County Durham with clients in Newton Aycliffe, Darlington, Stockton, Hartlepool, Chester-le- Street, Peterlee and Consett all now benefitting from low carbon green energy heating solutions.

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