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18 May 2024

Air source heat pump North Shields

Mitsubishi Heat pump

North Shields air source heat pump retrofit

We were recently called upon by a homeowner in North Shields who was looking to upgrade their existing heating system to a more energy-efficient and sustainable solution. The homeowner was particularly interested in switching to an air source heat pump, as they were aware of the environmental benefits of this type of system.

After careful consideration, we recommended a Mitsubishi Ecodan 14kW air source heat pump system for this project. This heat pump system is a highly efficient and reliable option that is well-suited for retrofit applications. It extracts heat from the ambient air, even in mild temperatures, and uses this heat to warm the home. This process is highly efficient, with the system producing up to 4 times more heat than the energy it consumes.

To provide domestic hot water, we installed a pre plumbed Mitsubishi hot water cylinder alongside the heat pump. This cylinder stores hot water for use throughout the home, and it is heated by the heat pump.

Prior to the installation, we conducted a heat loss calculation to determine the exact heating requirements of the home. This calculation revealed that the existing radiators in a few rooms were not large enough to effectively distribute heat throughout the space. To address this issue, we upgraded the radiators in these rooms to ensure that the home would be comfortable and well-heated in all areas.

This project is a great example of how homeowners can upgrade their heating systems to more efficient and sustainable solutions. The Mitsubishi Ecodan heat pump system, alongside the new hot water cylinder and radiator upgrades, has provided the homeowner with a range of benefits, including significant energy savings, improved comfort, reduced carbon footprint, and peace of mind.