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Underfloor heating Glasgow Strathclyde Scotland

1,500 square metres of underfloor heating from renewable heat provided by 2 ground source heat pumps 


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A primary care centre near Glasgow is warm and comfortable with 1,500 square metres of underfloor heating installed by Geowarmth with the heat provided by renewable heat from 2 ground source heat pumps.  In order to ensure the efficient performance and cost effectiveness of an underfloor heating system connected to heat pumps, low flow temperatures were required.

Geowarmth ensured the underfloor pipe spacing was sufficiently close. This is an important design consideration for underfloor heating when using a heat pump. The underfloor system was installed by laying cliprail track on top of the floor insulation.  The underfloor pipe was then rolled out using grooves in the cliprail to ensure accurate spacing of the pipe in accordance with our underfloor design.

Heat meters monitor the output of the heat pump system and provide details of heat generation in order for the client to receive benefits under the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.

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