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Solar PV Panels Yorkshire

Free standing ground mounted array of solar photovoltaic panels for a local village hall in Yorkshire


Solar PV Installation service Yorkshire Solar Panel Installation service YorkshireIn a North Yorkshire village within a National Park it was necessary to choose a sympathetic location for the installation of solar photovolatic (PV) panels to provide electricity and Feed In Tariff benefits for the village hall which is adjacent to a listed church.  Rather than position the panels on a south facing roof overlooking the church, a low inclination ground mounted array was selected in the grounds of the village hall.  A position was chosen to avoid shading to maximise the electricity output.  This Yorkshire village hall is heated by a ground source heat pump connected to underfloor heating, all installed by Geowarmth.  The electricity produced by the solar pv panels contributes to the electrical consumption of the ground source heat pump.  This provides an excellent example of the synergies between the various renewable technologies Geowarmth provide and install.  This is one of many solar PV installations Geowarmth have done in the same Yorkshire village.  

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