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Replacement air conditioning

Converting older systems to modern air conditioning
replacement air conditioning
 R22 is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) and has been common in air conditioning in the past. R22 gas can no longer be supplied in the UK or used for servicing and maintenance of existing systems. To do so would be illegal. R22 is harmful to the ozone hence it is now banned.

It is therefore necessary to replace existing R22 air conditioning with a more modern alternative such as an inverter controlled system containing the more efficient refrigerant R410A. Geowarmth can offer a rnage of solutions from single room air conditioners to whole building simultaneous heating and cooling systems.

Increases in efficiency of 30-50% should be possible by switching to R410A inverter controlled air conditioning units from old
R22 systems. Higher efficiency means lower electricity consumption and less CO2 emissions.

The cost of change need not be a burden. Various tax incentives are available for replacing old systems such as Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs) or Annual Investment Allowances which can allow businesses to write off the cost against tax in year one. In addition finance to businesses is also available.

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