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Solar Thermal

Harnessing solar energy to produce domestic hot water

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Solar thermal is a well established technology.  Geowarmth install flat plate and evacuated tube systems as well as the latest thermodynamic panels which can even produce hot water at night.

Solar heat is free and in the UK we typically receive around 1,000kWh of solar energy per square metre per year. This means solar energy can usually provide 50-60% of a property’s domestic hot water needs.  Solar thermal hot water heating is a leading choice of low carbon technology.  There are no cardon dioxide emissions on site when hot water is heated by solar panels.  The roof panels absorb solar heat and transfer it via a coil in to the water in a hot water cylinder or thermal store.  The system is extremely efficient with low maintenance.

Solar thermal panels require a southerly unshaded orientation.  They are normally installed on a pitched roof.  The ideal roof inclination is an angle from 30-50oC from the horizontal, which is the typical angle of most domestic pitched roofs.  The panels can be fixed to both slate and tile roofs.

Where a pitched roof is not available the panels can be installed on an inclined frame on a flat surface.

A hot water cylinder is required.  Solar thermal does not always work with combination boilers.  A cylinder specifically designed for solar thermal provides the best solution.  These are usually unvented mains pressurised systems.  Solar cylinders often have two coils with the second coil connected to say a heat pump or biomass boiler.  

Cash back payments are available under the Renewable Heat Incentive.  Geowarmth with bases in the North East, North Weat and Yorkshire are an MCS accredited installer of solar thermal panels which is necessary for the client to claim the RHI.

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