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Air conditioning

Air conditioning - air to air heat pumps

air conditioning

Geowarmth provide a range of heat pump systems from single room air conditioners to whole building simultaneous heating and cooling solutions.

There are a number of system configurations. The starting point is that an outdoor unit connects to an indoor unit using refrigerant pipework. A single room system would typically have one indoor unit and one outdoor unit.  This can also be a cost effective way of dealing a small number of individual rooms. Larger systems can comprise a single outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units; this is known as a multi split system which can provide either heating or cooling at the same time. Common applications would be retail and open plan offices. A development of this is a variable refrigerant flow system (VRF) which can provide simultaneous heating and cooling with heat recovery and is well suited to hotels, individual offices and leisure facilities, where the heating and cooling needs of different areas of the acccomodation can vary.

Inverter technology is used in Geowarmth's air conditioners. This means that the compressor speed changes to match the cooling or heating load and therefore optimises the power consumption reducing energy costs.

Heating and cooling to the rooms in the property is delivered by ceiling cassettes, wall mounted or floor mounted units.

Operation of the system is via programmable remote controllers; larger systems can have centralised controllers and all systems can be operated from a smartphone app or web portal.

Geowarmth can also replace existing systems such as those containing the now banned R22 refrigerant

Tax incentives can assist with the capital cost of a new air conditioning system. For example the Annual Investment Allowance can allow businesses to claim 100% capital allowances on the cost of the equipment.  To find out more about how air conditoning works, Geowarmth's guide provides a straightforward explanation

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