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Air source heat pump

Renewable energy from the air

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An air source heat pump extracts heat from the air, even when the temperature is as low as -20oC and converts it to useable heat to provide heating and hot water.  For a longer explanation refer to our schematic of how a heat pump works.

The air source heat pump is normally positioned just outside the property and connects to a control system, circulation pump and domestic hot water cylinder located in say a utility room or cupboard.

Domestic air source heat pumps are usually inverter controlled which means they can operate at different outputs to suit the ambient weather conditions and the heating needs of the building.  Geowarmth install air source heat pumps from leading European manufacturers such as Delonghi, Dimplex and Mitsubishi.

For planning purposes the installation of an air source heat pump is normally a permitted development in a domestic dwelling subject to meeting some basic criteria.  Geowarmth check this for you.  Quiet in operation, a heat pump is a low carbon solution. Whilst it uses electricity that may have been generated from fossil fuels, even allowing for this there are considerable CO2 savings in using a heat pump compared with fossil fuel boilers; typically 4 tonnes per annum compared with an oil boiler.

Geowarmth can undertake a heat loss calculation for the property, advise on an appropriate solution, design the system and fully install and commission the heat pump system using our in house team.  Our comprehensive service usually also includes installing a hot water cylinder and a heating distribution system if required.

Cash back payments are now available under the Renewable Heat Incentive.  An MCS accredited installer such as Geowarmth must be used to gain the RHI.

To review examples of Geowarmth air source heat pump installations please refer to our case studies.

For further information or to obtain a site specific quotation please contact us.

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