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Solar PV Panels Teesside

Field trialling a new solar pv tester during installation of solar photovoltaic panels


pv tester inverter solar panel install TeesidePV testing on solar panel installation TeesideA leading manufacturer of electrical testing equipment chose Geowarmth to field trial their latest pv tester. During a photovoltaic installation such as this one on Teeside there are a lot of tests that need to be carried out such as measuring panel voltages, earth continuity, insulation resistance, open circuit voltage, short circuit current and operating current .  It is also important that the testing is carried out safely with a live PV array. PV generates DC electricity (converted by the inverter in to AC) and DC voltages on a typical domestic system are much higher than AC voltages.

All the testing performed by Geowarmth went well on this Teesside installation and the pv test product was soon brought to market.

As well as this property in Hartlepool, Geowarmth have installed solar photovoltaic panels in Stockton, Darlington, Middlesbrough and throughout Teeside, Cleveland and North Yorkshire.

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