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Solar PV Panels Cumbria

Cumbrian house reduces carbon footprint with electricity generated by solar photovoltaic panels


Cumbrian solar panel inverterCumbria photovoltaic install on slate roofNot all of Geowarmth's solar panel clients are motivated solely by the benefits of the Feed In Tariff. The owner of this detached house in Cumbria was keen to reduce his carbon footprint.  Geowarmth calculated that for this 4kW PV array the amount of electricity generated would save around 3.5 tonnes of CO2 each year comapred with generating the electricity in a coal fired power station.  Geowarmth's installation of the 16 solar photovoltaic panels was completed over 2 days so our Cumbrian client did not have to wait long to start making his contribution to lower carbon emissions.

A photovoltaic installation is straightforward in most properties and Geowarmth take particular care to agree details like cable routing to ensure the installation is as discrete as possible in an existing property.


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