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Renewable Energy North East

A very comprehensive renewable energy installation in the North East

renewable energy_solar_thermal_and_pv_on_eco_house renewable energy_indoor_installation_North_East_houseRenewable energy specialist Geowarmth have provided a comprehensive range of renewable technologies for this new build eco home in the North East of England.  The installation includes an air source heat pump, biomass wood burning stove, solar thermal panels, photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, heat recovery ventilation and rain water harvesting. Green energy solutions can easily be combined on a project and provide complimentary benefits.

The house is super insulated and needs very little heating, hence only a modest sized air source heat pump was needed.  The majority of hot water heating comes from the solar thermal panels.  The array of solar electricty panels keeps electricity bills down and water consumption is minimised by using rainwater harvesting to provide grey water in the property.

North East based Geowarmth are increasingly finding clients chosing more than one renewable solution.  Each has its own merits and as a renewable energy specialist covering a wide range of green energy renewable products Geowarmth can advise objectively on the most appropriate solution.


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