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Not such a grand design

grand designs presenter TV programme heat pump scheme gets replaced

Grand Designs

Geowarmth to the rescue

Geowarmth have been called to the rescue of a client who had a badly designed and undersized heat pump system installed by an inexperienced company who failed to follow appropriate standards and procedures. The client's construction was featured on the Grand Designs televison programme although the ground souce heat pump never got a mention, which is perhaps as well because it was undersized by nearly 50%.

Geowarmth's detailed calculations showed that the property had a peak heat loss of more than double the size of the heat pump. The rest of the load was being met by electric immersions. This meant the client was doing a lot of his heating using direct electricity - the most expensive way to heat a property. No wonder he suffered high electricity bills.

The original installer failed to provide information to the client which is required by our industry standards to show how the property's heat loss was met, exactly what proportion would come from the heat pump and what would come from the immersions. Alarmingly he was never made aware of the cost implications of this badly designed system. Instead the installer simply told the client he would be as warm as toast and that the immersions were highly efficient - advice at best incorrect and at worst dishonest.

Geowarmth have removed the original inadequate installation and installed new heat pumps and ground loops in accordance with best practice. The client now has a properly designed and correctly sized system and is now enjoying the benefits of low running costs from ground source heat pumps.

As one of the longest established renewable energy businesses Geowarmth are increasingly called to assist in situations like this. If you have any problems with an existing installation Geowarmth will be pleased to provide objective advice and assistance.  Do please contact us.


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