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Geowarmth can access funding for renewables installations

Non domestic renewables installations can now be installed free of charge!  Geowarmth have a number of investors and finance partners who are willing to pay for the capital cost of biomass, solar or heat pump installations.  Whilst there are various ways of doing this, a typical arrangement is a finance scheme where a loan is provided to cover the cost of the installation.  The loan is repaid over a number of years whilst the benefits of the RHI or FIT continue to accrue to the property owner together with energy savings from the renewables installation.  In all cases the property owner benefits from the lower carbon footprint and running costs provided by the biomass, solar or heat pump system.  For more information on these funding schemes please see our Funding page or contact us.
Domestic home renewable systems in Scotland can also benefit from interest free loans of up to £10,000 repayable over 12 years providing the potential for systems to be installed with little or no up front capital cost. For more information see our Incentives page.


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