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Ground source heat pumps Lancashire

100kW open loop ground source heat pump for new Lancashire school building

ground source heat pumps Lancashire - open loopcommercial gshp_100kW_open_loop_pic2

A Lancashire school has a Dimplex 100kW water source heat pump installed by Geowarmth. This heat pump derives its heat from ground water.  This type of heat pump scheme is known as open loop rather than closed loop.  

The heat pump is connected to a ground water source. The heat pump extracts around 4oC of heat from the ground water and discharges the cooler water to ornamental lakes in the grounds of the school.  

An open loop water source heat pump is usually more efficient than a closed loop system because of the higher source temperatures.  This leads to a higher coefficient of performance (COP) and lower running costs.  Like a closed loop ground source scheme, an open loop ground source heat pump also allows the client to earn money from the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Geowarmth have also installed solar thermal panels on the roof of this Lancashire school.


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