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Ground source heat pump Lincolnshire

Retrofit 45kW ground source heat pump in sheltered housing in Lincolnshire

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Although there was always a vision to include a renewable heating system this building was initially completed with the heating being provided by 2 LPG boilers.  The heat pump was added a few months later in order to reduce running costs and the building’s carbon footprint.  Because there is no combustion on site a heat pump produces no CO2.  Even if the electricity used to power the heat pump came from a fossil fuelled power station a heat pump will reduce overall CO2 emissions by around 50% compared with using LPG.

The heat pump is a ground source type.  For every 4kW of energy produced the equivalent of around 3kW comes from the ground.   The heat is collected by a network of 8 boreholes which were drilled in the grounds of the property.  The boreholes are linked together via an external manifold chamber to the heat pump in the basement plant room.

Since the heat pump was installed Geowarmth have installed photovoltaic panels on the roof of the building.


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