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Underfloor heating and radiators

Radiators and underfloor heating

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A heat pump or boiler needs a water based heat distribution system.  This can be underfloor heating, radiators or fan convector units.  

Underfloor heating is often preferred with heat pumps because it operates at lower flow temperatures.  Underfloor is also ideal with biomass or micro CHP boilers.  Refer to the links on the right for more information on these heating technologies.  The heat from the boiler is mixed down with return water from the heating circuit and allows the water accumulated in the buffer tank to last longer.  This can reduce both running costs and carbon emmissions.  Underfloor heat is a more comfortable heat (warm feet, cool head!) and the radiant heat from underfloor heating produces less air and therefore less dust circulation than convection heat from radiators.  There are no wall space restrictions.

Fan convector radiators are designed to be energy efficient and work at lower temperatures.  They are thermostatically controlled and contain a quiet booster fan.  Whilst more expensive than conventional radiators they can offer a cost effective alternative to underfloor heating.  They also provide faster response times than underfloor heating or standard radiators.

Radiators work well with heat pumps if they are correctly sized.  In practice they generally need a higher flow temperature than underfloor heating. Geowarmth can advise on the balance between size of radiator and flow temperature.  Existing radiators if generously sized can work with a heat pump, although one of the advantages of biomass and micro CHP in the retrofit market is that changes to a radiator heating distribution system are less likely.

Geowarmth supply and install the heating distribution system as well as the heat pump or biomass boiler in order to provide our clients with a completely integrated renewable energy heating system from the same supplier.  We can install the floor insulation and screeding as part of our underfloor heating package.  For examples of our work see our heating distribution system case studies.

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