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Solar PV

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Photovoltaic is a method of generating electricity from roof mounted silicon panels.  Each unit of electricity generated saves money on buying electricity.
Photovoltaic panels absorb daylight and create an electrical field across the layers in the panel.  The DC electricity is converted into AC electricity by an inverter before being connected to the distribution board for use in the property. Depending on the size of the installation, solar PV can generate up to 50% of a property’s electrical needs.

Solar photovoltaic uses solar energy which is renewable and free.  Most domestic PV systems will save around 1 tonne of carbon dioxide per annum and there are no carbon dioxide emissions from the PV electricity generation.

A set of panels can be mounted on an existing roof.  For new build properties the panels can be incorporated within the roof tiles.  Any unshaded roof orientation from west to east can work.  A more southerly aspect is preferred.  The brighter the day the more electricity is produced.

The installation of solar PV is normally a permitted development, but check with your local planning authority.  Planning permission is required on listed buildings or in conservation areas.  Free standing or ground mounted PV systems may also require planning approval.

Most systems are grid connected.  For sites not connected to the electricity grid a larger installation is needed with batteries to store the electricity generated.
The panels have a performance guarantee for up to 25 years and system components are warranted for up to 10 years.  There are no moving parts and maintenance is usually restricted to keeping the panels clean and unobstructed.
Geowarmth supply and install systems from leading international manufacturers like Canadian Solar, Solis and SMA.  All PV systems are MCS accredited.  Geowarmth are similarly accredited under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). 

Geowarmth have installed PV systems on various types of roof and building.  Examples can be seen in domestic photovoltaic case studies.  For further details or a site specific quotation please contact us.

PV systems are often combined with battery storage.

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