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Rain water harvesting

Recycle rainwater for reuse in home and garden

rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting collects rainwater from the roof of a property and stores it in a tank for use in the property or in the garden.  It reduces the amount of fresh water used on site, which can save money with a metered supply.

Rainwater harvesting is used for 3 main purposes: flushing toilets, filling washing machines and for outside taps. Externally it can be used for garden watering or washing vehicles.  The storage tank is usually located below ground but it can be above ground.  The recycled rain water is pumped from the storage tank on demand.

Geowarmth size the tank based on available roof space, property occupancy, expected water useage and rainfall data. In periods of low rainfall, mains water is directed to the storage tank in order to provide an assured supply for household services connected to the rainwater harvesting system.

Rainwater harvesting systems are low maintenance, with self cleaning filters.  Periodic inspection is recommended.

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