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Heat recovery ventilation

Fresh filtered air for a healthy environment

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Heat recovery ventilation preheats incoming fresh air by warming it with the heat from stale air extracted from kitchens and bathrooms.  It is energy saving because it extracts heat from exhaust air that would otherwise be lost.  The units Geowarmth install are over 90% efficient.

The system comprises a ventilation unit and heat recovery heat exchanger, a supply manifold and an exhaust manifold.  The manifolds connect via ducting pipework to air inlets in living rooms and bedrooms and to extract valves in kitchen and bathrooms.  A typical domestic heat recovery unit is around 600mm x 300mm x 1000mm high.  They can be wall mounted in a utiity room or positioned in a loft space.  Two wall or roof air outlets are required.  Compared with traditional local extract fans the systems are very quiet in operation.  

A digital controller provides speed control, weekly programming, frost protection and an automatic summer bypass.  In summer mode the bypass allows fresh filtered air in to the property without warming it over the heat exchanger.

The incoming fresh air is never mixed with the outgoing stale air.  The air streams are separated by an efficient heat exchanger.  Heat recovery ventilation makes for a healthy building with contaminants, humidity and odours removed from the property and replaced by fresh filtered air.

Heat recovery ventilation systems are low maintenance, with periodic rinsing of easily removeable filters being the main requirement.

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