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Battery storage

Battery storage maximises self consumption of electricity




As an authorised installer partner of Tesla we offer their Powerwall 2 Lithium-ion battery which allows for solar self consumption, load shifting and off-grid use.  The 13.5kWh battery has a 100% depth of discharge.  You can buy cheaper overnight electricity and store it in the battery.  Tesla provide a 10 year warranty.  You can monitor what is happening via the Tesla app.

The product is market leading in terms of its capacity and amount of useable energy.  

Removal of the Feed in Tariff and rising energy costs are two very good reasons for maximising the amount of PV generation used on site.  Because the generation and consumption of photovoltaic energy are not always synchronised a battery system allows you to store the photovoltaic energy so you can use the generated energy independent of the sunlight.

Teslas use lithium-ion batteries which compared with lead acid, have a greater depth of discharge, less weight, longer warranty, more charge cycles and are thus more cost effective over their life.

The Tesla battery can provide grid back up for essential circuits in the event of a power cut.  The back up circuits need to be separately wired to the battery system.

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