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Domestic solar thermal case studies

Terraced house retrofit - Tyneside, Tyne and Wear

Single solar panel connnected to twin coil cylinder with a system boiler as the other heat source
domestic solar_thermal_terrace_retrofit_pic1  domestic solar_thermal_terrace_retrofit_pic2

Farm retrofit - Yorkshire

Four ground mounted solar panels connected to single coil cylinder integrated with a ground source heat pump as the other heat source
domestic solar_thermal_farm_retrofit_pic1   domestic solar_thermal_farm_retrofit_pic2


New build eco house -County Durham

Two solar thermal panels, plus solar pv and air source heat pump

solar thermal_and_pv_on_eco_house  solar pump_station_and_expansion_vessel_eco_house


Detached house retrofit - Northumberland

Two solar panels connected to a twin coil cylinder
domestic solar_thermal_detached_retrofit_pic1  domestic solar_thermal_detached_retrofit_pic2

Barn conversion - Cumbria

Two roof integrated solar panels connected to twin coil cylinder, with the second coil served by a ground source heat pump
domestic solar_thermal_barn_conversion_pic1domestic solar_thermal_barn_conversion_pic2
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