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Domestic ground source heat pump case studies

Country house retrofit - Cleveland, North Yorkshire

60kW heat pump providing heating to radiators and domestic hot water from horizontal ground collectors
domestic gshp_country_house_pic1  domestic gshp_country_house_pic2

Bungalow retrofit - Tyneside, Tyne and Wear

14kW heat pump providing heating to radiators and a 300 litre domestic hot water cylinder from horizontal ground loops
 domestic gshp_bungalow_retrofit_pic1  domestic gshp_bungalow_retrofit_pic2

Detached house retrofit - County Durham

11kW heat pump providing heating to radiators, underfloor heating, a 300 litre domestic hot water cylinder from 3 boreholes
 domestic gshp_detached_retrofit_pic1  domestic gshp_detached_retrofit_pic2

Ecohome - North East

A carbon neutral property with a 10kW ground source heat pump, a 500 litre hygienic thermal store and a 300 litre solar cylinder, underfloor heating, complimented by solar thermal panels and a PV array
domestic gshp_ecohome_10kW_pic1   domestic gshp_ecohome_10kW_pic2

New build detached house - Humberside, East Yorkshire

Two 12kW heat pumps, a 600 litre thermal store with ground loops in a lake and underfloor heating
domestic gshp_newbuild_24kwW_pic1  domestic gshp_newbuild_24kwW_pic2
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