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Solar Thermal

Hot water from solar panels

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Commercial applications for solar thermal include schools, care homes, sports facilities, commercial and public buildings.  Solar thermal hot water heating is a leading choice of low carbon technology.  There are no carbon dioxide emissions on site when hot water is heated by solar panels.  The roof panels absorb solar heat and transfer it via a coil or a heat exchanger to the water in a hot water cylinder or thermal store.  The system is extremely efficient with low maintenance.
Solar thermal panels require a southerly unshaded orientation.  They can be installed on a pitched roof or on frames on a flat roof.  In a commercial application the solar panels often supply a pre-heat cylinder.  Geowarmth offer flat plate and evacuated tube systems for non domestic buildings.  We also supply and install the commercial cylinders.  For examples of our work please refer to our commercial solar thermal case studies.
Cash back payments are available under the Renewable Heat Incentive.
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