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Biomass wood log boiler Yorkshire

Biomass wood log boiler Yorkshire


commercial biomass_75kW_log_boiler_pic3commercial biomass_75kW_log_boiler_pic2An outdoor log boiler has been installed to provide heating and hot water for a hotel in Yorkshire.  The boiler output is 75kW.  The boiler has an integrated water jacket meaning a separate buffer tank is not needed.  Split logs are used as the fuel.  These are seasoned and stored under cover near to the boiler. The large fire box on this wood boiler means it can accomodate logs around 0.75m long.

The boiler connects to the building's existing heating distribution system which did not need any modification.  The straightforward installation meant that there was no interruption to the heating and hot water for the premises.

Domestic hot water heating is supplemented by 6 solar thermal panels on the roof of the building.  Both the biomass and solar thermal installation qualify for cash back payments under the non domestic RHI.  Payments are determined by heat meters installed to measure the heat generated by each system.

Geowarmth have installed many renewable energy systems in Yorkshire.  Once outside the major connurbations of Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, Hull etc the rural nature of Yorkshire means the alternative fuel sources of oil or lpg are an expensive proposition so the saving in running costs provided by a carbon neutral biomass renewable energy system provides a real benefit.



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