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Biomass generates heat from wood by combustion in a boiler

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Pellets are the most common fuel source, with proven ease of use and reliability.  Pellets are readily available, UK manufactured and produce a very clean burn with boilers achieving efficiencies of around 94%.  Biomass boilers are eligible for the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive which commenced in 2014.  

Biomass is carbon neutral because the cardon dioxide emitted during combustion equals the CO2 absorbed when the source material was growing.  Moreover the CO2 emissions are less than 10% of heating the same property with oil or gas.

Geowarmth install MCS accredited products such as Solarfocus, Windhager and Baxi.  These are well established international manufacturers whose products feature easy to use touch screen controllers, automatic cleaning and very low maintenance with infrequent ash pan emptying.

Most pellet boilers are exempt appliances under the Clean Air Act 2003 and can be installed in Smoke Control Areas.

The biomass boiler can readily provide domestic hot water requirements as well.  Where our specification includes a hot water cylinder, this is usually an unvented cylinder.  Thermal stores which combine the fuctions of a buffer tank with domestic hot water production via a heat exchanger are often used.  Geowarmth also offer a combi pellet boiler which heats domestic hot water instantly and does not require a domestic hot water cylinder.

Biomass boilers are ideal for a retrofit in older properties where a heat pump may not be suitable.  Existing radiators can usually be retained with a biomass system.

Solar thermal for hot water heating can be integrated with a biomass boiler in a number of ways.  For example the Solarfocus Octoplus combined boiler and buffer tank has a solar coil buit in as standard for connecting to solar panels.

A buffer tank is not always required with a single pellet boiler with a modulating output and a good control system.  This makes for a more compact installation.  For example our combi boiler does not require a buffer tank or a hot water cylinder so can be an ideal choice where space is at a premium.

Automatic pellet feeding can be an option for domestic installations.  Some boilers can be manually fed using convenient 10 or 15kg bags of pellets which are manufactured in the UK.  These are emptied in to a hopper built in to the top of the boiler, which only needs replenishing every few days.   Fuel must be stored in a dry location.  Geowarmth recommend that only high quality pellets meeting the EN Plus standard are used.

North East based Geowarmth are an installer of biomass heating systems throughout the UK.  Some example installations can be seen in domestic biomass case studies featuring installations in Northumberland, Cumbria, County Durham and Yorkshire.  For further information or to obtain a site specific quotation please contact us.

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