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A sustainable low carbon technology

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Biomass is a renewable technology because the fuel source can be replenished.  It is carbon neutral  because the carbon dioxide emitted during combustion equals the CO2 absorbed when the source material was growing.  Moreover the CO2 emissions are less than 10% of heating the same property with oil or gas.
Pellets are the most common fuel source, with proven ease of use, good reliability, minimal maintenance and automated feed systems.  Our products feature automatic cleaning and ignition systems, modulating burners and long ash pan emptying intervals.
Geowarmth install products such as Solarfocus, a leading Austrian biomass manufacturer with products ranging from 10kW to 70kW or 420kW when cascaded. Solarfocus offers excellent combustion at high temperatures (due to down-firing combustion technology) and an easy and intuitive control panel. Other leading manufacturers we use include Herz and Windhager, also Austrian, with a range of pellet, woodchip and log boilers and capacities up to 1mW from a single boiler.
As well as space heating, biomass boilers can provide domestic hot water. This can be done via dedicated coiled cylinders or thermal stores which combine the functions of a buffer tank with domestic hot water production via a heat exchanger.
An increasingly common application for biomass is district heating where multiple buildings on the same site are fed from a central plant room. Existing heating distribution systems can be left in situ with connections to the heat source via preinsulated pipework and plate heat exchangers.
Solar thermal for hot water heating this can be integrated with a biomass boiler installation in a number of ways.
Commercial biomass installations require an accumulator or buffer tank, larger than the equivalent for a heat pump.  The buffer tank is sized and designed to ensure that there is always sufficient volume in to which a full combustion chamber can displace its heat.  Log boilers require a larger accumulator tank than a pellet boiler.
Commercial pellet boiler installations invariably incorporate automatic fuel feeding. Space thus needs to be provided for fuel storage which is accessible for deliveries.  Fuel stores can be positioned in an existing building or externally.
Geowarmth offer pellet boilers, woodchip, log or combinations of these.  Cash back payments for non-domestic installations are now available under the Renewable Heat Incentive.
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