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Biomass boiler Cumbria

Pellet stove room heater with boiler for radiators keeps new Cumbrian cottage warm


Windhager pellet wood burning stove CumbriaPellet stove and boiler Cumbria cottageThe owners of a new build cottage in Cumbria wanted a wood burning stove to feature in the lounge and a boiler to provide heat for their new radiator heating distribution system.  Geowarmth said why not combine them both and enjoy the benefits of the Renewable Heat Incentive. The answer is to use a combined pellet boiler and room heater such as the Windhager Firewin installed at this Cumbrian property between Carlisle and Penrith.  Quiet in operation and with automatic pellet loading and ash pan emptying a couple of times a year maintenance is minimal which made it ideal for a property which is also used as a holiday let.

The output of this pellet boiler is 10kW which makes it a good choice for smaller properties.

Whilst the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) does not apply to all wood burning stoves, pellet boilers such as this Windhager Firewin are MCS accredited which together with Geowarmth's MCS accredited installer status means that the client can get the RHI.

Geowarmth have a wide portfolio of renewable energy installations in Cumbria together with the installation of radiators and underfloor heating.  We also integrate other renewable technologies with biomass boilers, for example solar thermal for domestic hot water.


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