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Energy Efficiency and Renewables Awards

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Geowarmth win an award and shortlisted for another award

Geowarmth, the renewable energy solutions company, has won an award at the Energy Efficiency and Renewables Awards held in London in September 2014 and were shortlisted in another category.

Ground source installer of the year - winner

In a young industry Geowarmth already have a long history. Starting off in ground source heat pumps, Geowarmth are renowned as a ground source specialist, but have the advantage of offering other technologies to be a true renewable energy solutions provider.

Geowarmth's accreditations date back to the Clear Skies programme in 2004. Geowarmth were active installers under the Low Carbon Buildings programme from 2006 to 2010 and are now MCS accredited in 5 technologies. Geowarmth's standards were recognised in receiving no non-comformances in their 2014 MCS accreditation audit.

The judges further noted that in-house ground loop design software and conductivity test equipment support Geowarmth's specialism in ground source heat pumps.

Geowarmth's portfolio includes all types of open and closed loop and many of the largest ground source projects in the North of England; for example recent work includes 1km of horizontal ground loop trenches at Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire, 52 x 125m boreholes in Blyth, Northumberland and a 100kW open loop scheme at a school in Lancashire.

Commercial installer of the year - shortlisted

Since commencing as a ground source only installer Geowarmth has developed to offer the installation of 5 MCS accredited technologies offering a real choice to clients as a renewable energy solutions provider.

A renewables installation is a major piece of work for clients.  The judges considered how Geowarmth bring them the benefit of 10 years of experience to make it a pleasant customer journey. The questions or concerns clients have Geowarmth have experienced before and thus are able to provide clients with reassurance backed up by knowledge from a large installed portfolio. On every project Geowarmth advise clients what the renewables system will cost to run or how much it will generate and how much they will earn from the incentive schemes.  Achieving carbon reduction targets or making a building carbon neutral have been features of many Geowarmth projects.

Geowarmth's business model provides flexibility in their offering and they work with their clients to meet their project objectives which may mean simply installing the renewable energy product or doing everything including the building work, floor insulation, underfloor heating, screeding, radiators, domestic plumbing and electrics. Geowarmth provide a comprehensive service and MCS accreditation in 5 technologies allows them to offer clients an objective choice of these renewables plus other green solutions such as rainwater harvesting or mechanical heat recovery ventilation.

The judges recognised the breadth and depth of experience as a credit to the Geowarmth team hence their shortlisting in this prestigious category.

Success at the Energy Efficiency and Renewables Awards follow the multiple awards Geowarmth won in the 2014 National Heat Pump Awards.

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