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Air source heat pump Newcastle Tyne and Wear

Heating for a North East care home from an air source heat pump


commercial ashp care home 25kW pic1 thumb commercial ashp care home 25kW pic2Residents at a care home in Newcastle upon Tyne are keep comfortably warm by an air source heat pump installed by Geowarmth.  This is a 25kW Dimplex model installed outside the property and connected to the underfloor heating system.  The air source heat pump takes air in through a duct on one side, extracts a few degrees heat from the air and expels the air on the other side.  The low grade heat from the air is boosted by the compressor in the heat pump to a higher tempearture and heat exchangers in the air source heat pump transfer the heat to the water in the underfloor heating system.  The technology in an air source heat pump is the same as in a refrigerator.  Like a refrigerator heat pumps are reliable and long lasting which is reassuring to the residents in this Newcastle property.

North East based Geowarmth specialise not only in the installation of air and ground source heat pumps but also other renewable heating technologies such as biomass, combined heat and power and solar thermal hot water heating.  Geowarmth have a number of other local care home green energy systems in their portfolio in Gateshead, Durham and Chester-le- Street as well as installations in Cumbria and Yorkshire.

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