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Air source heat pumps Cumbria

Cumbrian cottage gets air source heat pump in acoustic enclosure


air source heat pump hot water cylinder Cumbria Air source heat pump Cumbria with acoustic enclosureGeowarmth have undertaken an installation of an air source heat pump at a cottage in Cumbria.  Whilst air source heat pumps are generally quiet in operation the proximity of neighbouring properties in this tranquil village in Cumbria meant that it was beneficial to supress the noise from the heat pump.  An acoustic housing for the heat pump halves the level of noise emissions.

The property between Penrith and Kendal in Cumbria had a new radiator system installed by Geowarmth.  The Mitsubishi Ecodan heat pump also provides domestic hot water via a Mitsubishi prepackaged cylinder which incorporates the control system for the air source heat pump.

In most cases acoustic enclosures are not required for air source heat pumps and the installation of an air source heat pump can be a permitted development for planning purposes.  Geowarmth are able to certify permitted development status or advise if planning permission is required.

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