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Air source heat pumps Yorkshire

Hot water for a Yorkshire care home from air source heat pumps


Mitsubishi air source heat pumps Yorkshire care home Air source heat pumps Yorkshire care homeCare homes have a large requirement for domestic hot water and this one in Yorkshire is no exception. Two Mitsubishi Ecodan 14kW air source heat pumps were installed to provide the domestic hot water for the residents of this Yorkshire care home. The heat pumps are positioned some 70 metres away from the plant room. A preinsulated pipe was installed to connect the external heat pumps to the plant room.  This was buried in the grounds of the property.  Two large hot water cylinders in the plant room are heated by the two air source heat pumps.  These are preheat cylinders and the water in these cylinders is heated to around 50 degrees centigrade by the heat pumps.  The water from these cylinders then transfers to another cylinder where gas is used to bring the water up to its final storage temperature of 60 degrees centrigrade.

Pre-heat cylinders are an excellent way of incorporating either solar thermal or heat pumps into commercial domestic hot water systems and Geowarmth have undertaken many such schemes in Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, York, Hull, elsewhere in Yorkshire and beyond.

Geowarmth have lot of experience in the care home sector with renewable energy installations in Newcastle, Carlisle, Silloth, Gateshead, and Durham.

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